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A Broken Heart

As many of you have already heard, Eric and I have decided to move to Uganda Africa for a year to work with an organization. We will be working with an orphanage, loving and helping the kids there. We both have a heart for Africa; Eric spent a few months in Ethiopia before we met. I have always wanted to go and I guess there is no better way to start then just diving right in and moving there!We had been planning on going for just the summer but both decided that we feel like we need to go for a year. The thought of quitting our jobs was scary at first but we know that God has called us to do this and he will take care of us. We can't think about life after Africa right now, we have to focus on the task God has given us right now.

The thought of our families was hard to get past. I keep thinking about everything I might miss in a year. Let’s face it, my family grows pretty fast, what if I miss a wedding or a baby (babies) being born? Sometimes we both get a little nervous but God always reminds us that he is in control and he will take care of us. We both know that we have the option to stay in Lubbock but we also know that if we don't do what God has called us to do then it will be the biggest regret of our life thus far.We have had some people ask us if we are sure this is what we want to do and if we have really heard God on the subject. Yes we are sure this is what we want to do and we are 100% sure that God doesn’t want us sitting back watching people suffer while we stay in our comfortable lives. We cant wait for the writing on the wall before they make a move. A child dying of starvation with no parent to take care of them was our writing on the wall. We asked God to "break our heart for what break his" that may seem like a sweet prayer, but that is a life changing prayer. When God broke our hearts like his is broken then it became impossible for us to sit still and do nothing

Eric and I are so blessed to be in a church that supports missions and to have a family that also supports us. We are very excited about this new adventure we are about to embark on. Right now we are in the process of raising money.We are planning on leaving in June and we are going to need around $22,000 before we go; we are trusting in God and know that he will provide for us. If you feel that God is calling you to support us financially or by prayer we would great appreciate it.

If you would like to donate please send it to:

Pursue Missions              

PO Box 53850              

 Lubbock TX 79453

Or give it to Paige Allen at Church on the Rock.--Kimberly

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