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Layla Update

When Eric and I got married, people kept asking how married life was going. They were asking about the adjustments and getting use to a new life, and honestly I didn't really understand why people were making marriage out to be a big deal. To me, it wasn't a hard adjustment. It was a fun adjustment. I can't say the same thing about having a child though, because saying that having a child is an adjustment is an understatement. You don't just adjust, you change everything about everything. You can just forget your routine, because there is no routine. As much as we don't want Layla to be spoiled and feel like the world revolves around her, it does. When she needs something we HAVE to do something about it. As a parent, my world revolves around her, because to her I am her entire world.

Two weeks ago, we began to foster Layla. It has been quite the adventure. I am seeing a new and wonderful side to my husband, while also seeing not so wonderful sides of myself. Some days, I love being a mom, but other days I don't know what I got myself into. Although I wish my house didn't smell like baby poop or I could wear my hair down without it getting pulled out, at the end of the day, I love holding and loving on the beautiful little girl God has placed in our lives.

When we first got Layla, she was very malnourished and extremely small for her age. She was about the size of an 8 month old, and would have very little interaction with us. In these two weeks, she has improved so much! She is smiling, laughing, clapping, crawling and playing with anything she can get her hands on. I wish I could tell you how much weight she has gained, but there are no scales in the town we live in. I can tell you first hand though, she is getting chubby!

I know everyone's big question is, are we going to adopt? Unfortunately, she is not able to be adopted right now, so the decision is not in our hands. The main reason is that her father is still alive, and has legal guardianship over her. Although she cannot be adopted right now, Eric and I are praying and believing that she will be in a good family soon. I know that God has big plans for her, and whether her future family is in America or here in Uganda, I know God will take care of her. We would also love if you took a few minutes out of your day to say a prayer for Layla. Pray that God gives us guidance and places Layla where she needs to be. I know most of you just enjoy seeing pictures of her, so here are some pictures we have recently taken. Enjoy!

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