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The Adventure Begins

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Eric and I have officially been in Africa for 10 days. So far things have been going great. I have started teaching at a school in Mityana, Uganda and Eric has been preaching in villages throughout Uganda. Although things have changed alot for the two of us, I feel that we have adjusted well. There are many things that took getting use to though........ Things I have learned since I have been here:- There is no point in saying you will be somewhere at a certain time because if you say you will be somewhere at 9:00 that just means sometime within the hour of 9:00.- Cold showers really arent that bad. - When someone preaches they yell. The.Whole.Time.......- Don't be scared to describe someone by the color of their skin, they don't get offended here.- Always look right before crossing the street, not left..... I learned this one by experience. Dont worry I was not hit by the car.- People here don't know white people cant dance.... or atleast these two white people ha.- Charge all electronics while you have electricity... you dont know how long it will last.-  The red dirt of Uganda really does stain your feet.- A blanket on the floor as your main sitting area really is all you need. Chairs are over rated.- Dirty water will make your hair fall out.- Check the expiration date on all food.       These are some of the things we have experienced throughout our first week here. Although most of them of pointless silly things, some of them really have made an impression on me. One of the biggest things I have noticed is the silly things we do in America. For example the comment I made about dancing. If I was to dance in a large group in America I would be laughed at. In America we think there is a certain way to do everything and if you cannot do it that certain way then you are bad at it. Since I have been in Africa I have danced with so many little kids, singing worship songs and dancing and nobody has every laughed at me. I know its not a life changing revelation but it is somethings that caught my heart about the people of Uganda. They love that I am dancing with them, they don't care how I dance....just as long as I dance.    Sometimes I think this is how God sees us. We think that when we share the word of God we have to see certain things happen. We have to see miracles happen before our eyes, we have to see hundreds of people give their life to Christ. When really God just wants us to preach the word. He doesn't care how "good" we are at it, he just wants to see us obey and glorify him and show his love to others.God has really blessed us this first week. We live next door to two wonderful couples who have become great friends. We are all here for the same reasons and it is great to have partners in the Kingdom to work along side with. I can not thank you all enough for the wonderful support you have given me and Eric. We miss you all so much but know that God is really using us here. It is not always easy but seeing people raise their hand saying that they want to know Christ on a personal level reminds us of why we are here. Sharing Gods word is what all of us were put on this earth to do. Love you all!

The street that we live on (you can see the corner of our red roof)

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