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The Fountain is a group of determined people who give monthly to 25:35 Water in order to end the water crisis in Uganda, Africa. 

By joining The Fountain you will be providing funds every month to help us build our next water well. This is a great way to be involved with every single water well we drill. Whatever amount you choose to give will be a life changing amount to our friends in Uganda. Be sure to click the button below to join!

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About 25:35 Water

We are a non-profit organization that helps provide communities with clean drinking water. We are operated  by volunteers, so 100% of your donation goes to building water wells.  Since our founders lived in Uganda for some time, they were able to build strong relationships with the locals. Having those strong relationships means that we have local men and woman in Uganda who oversee the drilling of the water wells. This not only provides jobs for many Ugandans but it also gives them ownership over the water wells! Your partnership means so much to us and we promise to keep you updated on how your donations are impacting the people of Uganda!